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Extending Development Controls to Noe Valley

Dear Supervisor Wiener, We, the undersigned residents of Noe Valley and Dolores Heights, commend you for the passage of Resolution 150192, providing for interim zoning controls in Corona Heights and Corbett Heights. We agree wholeheartedly with you about the need to protect the character of San Francisco’s unique neighborhoods. We also share your concerns that oversize houses like those addressed in your resolution do not contribute to solving San Francisco’s need for housing but, rather, actually reduce the availability of affordable housing. Unfortunately, like Corona and Corbett Heights – if not more so – our neighborhoods face an epidemic of such “monster houses.” Given the profusion of these projects, we feel that the standard Discretionary Review process places an unfair and unreasonable burden on neighbors. The burden of proving that projects beyond a certain size are "necessary and desirable” would be much more fairly and reasonably placed on such projects’ sponsors. For these reasons, we strongly urge you to introduce and aggressively pursue legislation that would apply to Noe Valley and Dolores Heights rules similar to those found in Resolution 150192. Respectfully submitted,

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